Harper's Weekly 08/06/1881


The Rev. Henry Highland Garnett, who
has been appointed United States Minister
to Liberia, was born a slave on the estate
of Colonel William Spencer, of Maryland,
in 1816. At the age of eight years, on the
death of his master, he succeeded in making
his escape to the Free States. He graduated
from the Oneida Collegiate Institute in
1839, and from the Troy Theological College
in 1842.

It is a singular circumstance that his
grandfather was brought from the country
which is now Liberia, about a hundred
years ago, by slave-dealers, and that the
Doctor's daughter, Mrs. Barboza, a mission-
ary, now resides with her family in the same
place whence their ancestor was torn.

Dr. Garnett has long been known as an
eloquent and able minister of the Presby-
terian Church, and he goes abroad with the
best wishes of his countrymen.

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