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Harper's Weekly 04/09/1864


On the 28th day of March in this year, Mr.
Bryant, a Democratic member of the New York
Legislature, supported in an able speech the
proposition that a constitutional amendment
abolishing slavery would be the trust concili-
ation, securing a peaceful and perpetual Union.
Mr. Alvord, one of the most faithful Demo-
crats in the country, followed him, declaring that
this atrocious rebellion of Aristocracy against
the Democracy can be radically suppressed only
by destroying slavery, and that Free Labor is
the only corner-stone of an enduring Democratic

On the same day Messrs. Chanler, Herrick,
Ganson, Pruyn, Steele
, and other Democratic
representatives in Congress voted against a con-
stitutional amendment abolishing slavery; and,
of course, in favor of retaining the system which
has brought the war upon the country, and
which must always hereafter, as always hereto-
fore, prevent a true and hearty and untroubled

Between these gentlemen let the country and
mankind judge. “We hold these truths to be
self-evident that all men are created equal,” said
the father of Democracy in this country. Who
are his true descendants? who are Democrats?
the men who ask to abolish slavery constitution-
ally, or those who refuse to abolish it at all?

What a dreary and terrible record is the sim-
ple list of the ayes and nays upon this resolu-
tion in Congress, for the children of those who
shall hereafter see that their fathers voted for the
continuance of a system which the human heart
and the enlightened mind of mankind instinct-
ively repudiates and scorns.

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