Harper's Weekly 02/21/1863


Though the President's proclamation of free-
dom has been so often compared to the Pope's Bull
against the comet, it seems to be producing some
substantial fruits. We publish on page 116 an il-
lustration of Contrabands Coming Into New-
Bern, North Carolina
, from a sketch sent us
by an amateur, who writes as follows:

Newbern, North Carolina, January 26, 1863.

I inclose a sketch of a very interesting procession which
came to Newbern from “up country” a few days ago. It
is the first-fruits of the glorious emancipation proclama-
tion in this vicinity, and as such you may deem it worthy
of engraving in your illustrated Weekly.

On our late expedition into Greene and Onslow Counties
our company (Company C, Fifty-first Massachusetts Regi-
ment) was out on picket duty the night before our return
to Newbern, when an old slave came in to us in a drench-
ing rain; and on being informed that he and his friends
could come to Newbern with us, he left, and soon the con-
trabands began to come in, with mule teams, oxen, and in
every imaginable style. When morning came we had 120
slaves ready to start with their little all, happy in the
thought that their days of bondage were over. They said
that it was known far and wide that the President has de-
clared the slaves free.

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