Harper's Weekly 12/14/1861


Under and by virtue of the act of Congress, entitled an
act to confiscate property used for insurrectionary pur-
poses, approved August 6, 1861, the legal claims of certain
persons to the labor and services of certain other persons
have become forfeited, and numbers of the latter, thus lib-
erated, are already dependent on the United States, and
must be provided for in the same way. Besides this, it is
not impossible that some of the States will pass similar
enactments for their own benefits respectively, and by the
operation of which persons of the same class will be thrown
upon them for disposal. In such case I recommend that
Congress provide for accepting such persons from such
States according to some mode of valuation in lieu pro-
banto of direct taxes, or upon some other plan to be agreed
with such States respectively, that such persons on such
acceptance by the General Government be at once deemed
free, and that in any event steps be taken for colonizing
both classes, or the one first mentioned if the other shall
not be brought into existence, at some place or places in a
climate congenial to them. It might be well to consider,
too, whether the free colored people already in the United
States could not, so far as individuals may desire, be in-
cluded in such colonization.

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