Harper's Weekly 09/28/1861


The following letter from the President to General Fré-
mont has been published:

“Washington, D. C.,Sept. 11, 1861.
Major-General John C. Fremont:

Sir,—Yours of the 8th, in answer to mine of the 2d
instant, was just received. Assured that you, upon the
ground, could better judge of the necessities of your posi-
tion than I could at this distance, on seeing your procla-
mation of August 30 I perceived no general objection to it;
the particular clause, however, in relation to the confisca-
tion of property and the liberation of slaves appeared to
me to be objectionable in its non-conformity to the act of
Congress, passed the 6th of last August, upon the same
subjects, and hence I wrote you expressing my wish that
that clause should be modified accordingly. Your answer
just received expresses the preference on your part that I
should make an open order for the modification, which I
very cheerfully do. It is therefore ordered that the said
clause of said proclamation be so modified, held, and con-
strued as to conform with and not to transcend the provi-
sions on the same subject contained in the act of Congress
entitled `An act to confiscate property used for insurrec-
tionary purposes,' approved August 6, 1861, and that said
act be published at length with this order.

“Your obedient servant,A. Lincoln.”

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